Intellectual property management systems: nearly everything you need to know

  1. What is an intellectual property management system/software (IPMS)?
  2. Why choose an IPMS?
  3. How does an IPMS solve challenges?
  4. symphony® - The complete IPMS solution
  5. How is Symphony a complete intellectual property management platform?
  6. Who would benefit from using Symphony as an IPMS?

What is an intellectual property management system/software (IPMS)?

Intellectual property management software assists in the tracking of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property.  These tools are utilized by law firms and corporations to manage the databases of trademarks, automate their forms and correspondence for new and ongoing intellectual property ownership, and track possible violations of legal rights for subsequent prosecution.  Intellectual property management software help centralize up-to-date client information, license agreements, and opposition filings in a single repository, especially for law firms that manage designers, artists, inventors, companies, etc.  Their capability to integrate with case management tools streamlines the lifecycle of intellectual property procurement and litigation. Products exist in this category which solely functions as patent search engines or filing assistants.

An intellectual property management system (IPMS) captures and manages an organization’s IP to help attorneys and in-house counsel, as well as corporations and business owners.  A complete IPMS, such as Symphony by MaxVal, helps clients better manage their IP and mitigate risk.

Why choose an IPMS?

 An IP Management System offers:

  • Complete end-to-end intellectual property management
  • Automated workflow management that ensures your invention disclosures are captured and processed efficiently
  • Configurable, zero-touch auto-docketing that requires no support to maintain your shadow docket
  • In-depth portfolio management for organizing, curating, and analyzing your assets
  • Transparent and cost-effective solutions for managing annuities
  • Rule-based forecasting that uses actual data for projecting future expenses
  • Insightful reports that are generated quickly and effortlessly
  • Easy implementation: get up and running within one day
  • Deep workflow automation that increases efficiency and reduces errors
  • Seamless connection to services to meet all of your IP needs
  • A secure, reliable, and scalable cloud-based platform

How does an IPMS solve challenges?

  • An IPMS provides IP managers the correct, current, and complete view of their assets through seamless integration with public and private patent data, including prosecution data from all major patent offices.
  • It unifies all aspects of IP lifecycle management to reduce risks and complexity by eliminating paper files, spreadsheets or multiple systems.
  • An IPMS provides data-driven insights to help you optimize your prosecution efficiencies.
  • It allows you to forecast your IP expenses, and never be surprised by your invoices again.  A configurable rule-based forecast engine predicts your future expenses based on your patent data.
  • An IPMS enables you to generate insightful and curated reports, or instantly create custom reports to fulfill your and your executives’ needs.

symphony® - The complete IPMS solution

Symphony is the most cutting-edge, cloud-based intellectual property management system and patent prosecution platform available on the market.  Since its launch in 2016, Symphony has revolutionized IP management through its innovative use of Salesforce Lightning platform, delivering the industry’s most advanced workflow and automation capabilities with access to global patent data - all in a highly configurable, intuitive system, designed for the modern IP professional.  

From invention capture to docketing to annuity management, Symphony brings all facets of IP management onto one stage.  With powerful workflow automation and unprecedented access to public and private global patent data, Symphony helps you elevate your intellectual property management.

How is Symphony a complete intellectual property management platform?

Invention Management: Symphony makes invention submission and management easy for you and your inventors
  • Configurable invention disclosure forms, submission, and status tracking
  • Automated workflows to facilitate review, approval, and drafting
  • Inventor award tracking and management
Portfolio Management: Symphony gives you powerful and complete portfolio management
  • Current, correct, and complete patent information at your fingertips
  • Email and document management to organize all associated files and correspondences
  • Categorization and ranking to curate your assets
Annuity Management: Symphony gives you the most convenient, transparent, and cost-effective annuity management solution
  • The latest status of fee payments and payment receipts is available at your fingertips
  • Operates on patent data that are always correct, current, and complete
  • Sophisticated annuity analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions
Docketing: Symphony docketing minimizes administrative efforts and reduces errors
  • Zero-touch auto-docketing automatically maintains your docket
  • MaxVal’s GFW technology enables automatic data synchronization with the world’s five largest patent offices
  • Curated and configurable docketing rules that are always up-to-date
Forecasting and Analytics: Powerful forecasting and insightful analytics enables you to make informed decisions
  • Symphony rule-based expense forecasting engine uses your actual data to project expenses
  • Symphony prosecution analytics provides deep insights into your prosecution history
Reporting: Quickly and effortlessly generate insightful reports to fulfill your and your executives’ needs
  • Access to over 60 curated and insightful reports
  • Easily create custom reports
  • Create and configure dashboards

Who would benefit from using Symphony as an IPMS?

Symphony is an intellectual property management solution for both large and small IP teams.  Everyone from emerging technology leaders, chief IP counsel, and IP counsel to paralegals and inventors benefit from Symphony.