Looking to gain deeper insights into the evolving patent publication landscape? This extensive report delves into patent filing statistics and essential facets of patent publications from 2023.

The report categorizes data by key markets, prominent entities in academia and business, and patent-intensive sectors like aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and chemicals, facilitating detailed data examination.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Patent Publication Trends: The USPTO experiences a slight dip to 0.9% while the EPO surges to 14.8%, reflecting a vibrant global innovation landscape.
  • US Innovation: Despite global changes, Qualcomm, IBM, and Apple remain top innovators, highlighting US competitiveness.
  • Asia's Leadership:  With four out of the top five assignees headquartered in Asia, the region solidifies its technological influence.
  • Asian Dominance: Japan and China lead in patent filings in the US, underscoring Asia's pivotal role in shaping global IP.
  • The Republic of Korea's Rise: Korea's consistent growth in patent applications over five years positions it as a key innovator.

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