2020 Patent Publication Trends

The pandemic has forced several industries to adapt quickly, refocus, or even change their business models entirely. Despite the pandemic, organizations have continued to invest in research and development, even entering new markets.

Patent departments, law firms, researchers, and IP professionals can use the report to understand technologies being developed by different organizations in various regions. We believe this information will help you to identify industry-specific trends and assist you in making better decisions.

The report covers patent filing data that predates the epidemic. Patent publications from the year 2020 highlight critical aspects such as scope, intensity, collaboration, and impact of the invention. To decipher crucial milestones and broader publication trends, we have considered patent data from 2015 to 2020.

  • Breakdown of the 8,188,944 publications retrieved for the year 2020 and the publication trends between 2016-2020 reveals a sharp increase in utility model patents arising out of China.
  • 3 Asian countries are among the top 5 jurisdictions for granted patents.
  • Four of the top five assignee companies from 2020 are headquartered in Asia.
  • Only 2 European companies feature in the overall Top 30 list.

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